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The History of Scott's Websites

The first of the websites to launch was Scott's Transport Site. This is a wide ranging website focused mostly on buses, and is still the largest and most developed website in the portfolio. Initially, a variety of content management platforms were used, before a scratch built design was developed using HTML and CSS coding.

Scott's Radio Site followed shortly after. Initially this was called Rad Sked, and focused on radio schedules before gradually expanding. Initially, this website used HTML and CSS, but in 2018 the website was relaunched using Wordpress, coinciding with a move to a paid hosting package. During 2019, Scott's Radio Site returned to a scratch built HTML and CSS design, but continues to use Wordpress to power the News pages.

Scott's Radio Site has now spawned two spin off websites, Radio in Malta and Digital TV UK. Following a holiday in Malta, Radio In Malta launched in Autumn 2017, but the initial website was not successful, and was instead merged into Scott's Radio Site. However, in September 2019 Radio In Malta returned as a standalone website.

Digital TV UK, launched in summer 2019, following closure of the a516digital website, and disappointment with the quality of the replacement service. Time constraints mean that this website is still under development.

The Branch Into Local Media

An attempt in 2018 was made into starting an ultra local website called The Stocksfield Star, focused on the villages of Stocksfield, Mickley and Bywell, but was abandoned due to time constraints. However, this concept has now been revisited, with the launch of Tynedale.org.uk in January 2020.

Whilst most of my websites use a standard HTML and CSS design, All About Tynedale has been built using the Wordpress content management platform. Although a little less flexible in some areas, Wordpress has allowed for a quicker development of All About Tynedale, along with a more feature led website. Digital TV UK and parts of Scott's Radio Site also use Wordpress.