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Privacy Policy

Updated: 18/01/2020

Scott's Websites values of the privacy of its users.


Scott's Websites do not use cookies in order to operate the website, although our web host may use cookies to ensure delivery of the website. These are deemed to be essential cookies, and do not require an opt under EU law.

Data We Collect

We collect anonymous statistics on website usage, including numbers of page visits, basic location information (countries) etc on users of this website.

If you choose to email any of the websites, we will collect your name and email address, along with the contents of the email.

Data Storage and Use

Website usage statistics are retained indefinitely, and are only use to inform the authors of the websites. Beyond headline figures, this data is never published.

Emails are used only for the required purpose and retained for a period of up to 6 years, or indefinitely if a complaint has been made, in order to ensure adequate records are kept.

All data is securely stored. However, as Scott's Websites use servers operated by external providers, we cannot guarantee the security of the data, but take every precaution to prevent data loss.