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Last update: 11/02/2021.

All content is protected by copyright. The copyright may be owned either by the individual who operates the websites, or by another party who has licensed/permitted Scott's Websites to use their content. Unless otherwise stated, the copyright is credited to the individual website and Scott's Websites, to protect the authors privacy.

This website is licensed for personal, non-commercial use only. All other uses are prohibited, including for for educational purposes, even where a license to use copyright material exists.

You must not publish (or copy and paste) any content elsewhere, either physically or digitally. Should you wish to re-use any material, please contact me (using the details on the homepage). Permission to re-use may then be granted at the authors discretion.

Press Releases

Major developments may see a bespoke press release issued, usually reserved for major changes in content or major technical updates.

Advertising Opportunities

These websites are currently privately funded, but plans are being put in place to adopt an advert supported service for some websites. More will be published shortly.


All websites are copyright, credited to the name of the website and Scott's Websites. Most copyright material is owned by the author, unless otherwise indicated.

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