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Welcome to Surveyor Finder

Surveyor Finder is a simple directory of surveying firms. This website is new, so the scope has been limited to Scotland, North East England, Cumbria, Lancashire, and North Yorkshire.

The idea behind this website is a simple one, to help customers find their ideal surveying firm easily. There are no sponsored or 'premium' listings on this website, with every firm given equal priority, regardless of size or financial resources. However, some firms may appear in multiple listings on different pages, depending on which regions they serve.

Regions now have their own page, showing surveying firms based in that area. These can be accessed from the menu above. If you need more information on how the site works, click 'About' from the menu above. Otherwise jump straight in!

Important Notes

The Surveyor Finder website has recently had a makeover, improving and expanding the website. The bulk of the work has now been completed, but the website continues to be updated whilst live. This may mean that content may disappear, reappear, change location, or do something else at without notice.

Disclaimer: Listing on this website does not mean endorsement or recommendation. No checks or verification of firms listed have been carried out. You should carry out your own due diligence, as Surveyor Finder accepts no liability.

Get In Touch

Comments, corrections, additions, and other feedback is always welcome. You can find out how to contact the author by viewing the 'Contact the Website' page from the menu above.