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About Surveyor Finder

The Surveyor Finder website is a simple directory of surveying firms. As the website is new, the coverage area has been limited to Scotland, North East England, Cumbria, Lancashire, and North Yorkshire. Hopefully, through time the website will expand to serve other areas.

Website Aims

The website has one key aim, and that is to help clients find their ideal surveying firm. There are no sponsored or priority listings to get in the way, and companies are not charged for a listing on the site. It is hoped that this unbiased approach will help clients find their ideal firm.

Additionally, the website also aims to be business friendly, by helping to cut down on unnecessary listing fees. Unlike some directories, there is no charge for having the company logo featured on the website, and this is included by default.

How to Use the Directory

The directory is contained within a single web page, which doubles as the home page for the website. The directory takes the form of a filterable/searchable table. You can search for a particular company, service, or location by typing into the search box. To revert back to the full list, simply erase the text from the search box.

As an example, typing 'Hexham' into the search box would narrow down the table to include entries which mention Hexham. This would most likely pick up the offices of the companies, and would show AMR Geomatics, Crawford Higgins Associates, and Smith Marston, and hide any entries irrelevant to the search.

Assumptions Made

It is assumed that businesses will be happy to be listed on the this site, with appropriate branding (eg. logo). Therefore, permission has not been sought prior to listing on this website.

If you are responsible for a company, and would like all or part of a listing removed, you can do so be email via the 'Contact the Website' page.

About the Author

Scott, the author of this website, is himself a building surveyor. In his spare time, he enjoys designing websites and improving his coding skills, and this website is one of a number that he has built.

As a result, this website understands the frustrations that property professional have of existing directories, including one operated by a professional body. This provided the motivation for the creation of this website.