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Surveying Firms in Scotland

Surveyor Finder is a simple directory of surveying firms. This website is new, so the scope has been limited to Scotland, North East England, Cumbria, Lancashire, and North Yorkshire.

The Surveyor Finder website is getting a makeover. Content may appear, disappear, or re-appear without notice.

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Company Description and Services Offered Locations Website and Contact Details
David Adamson International Property & Cost Consultants Long established David Adamson was found in 1930, and has expanded to operate in various locations around the world. A large variety of services are offered, centring on quantity surveying and building surveying, including cost and contract management, arbitration, valuation surveying, and project management. Offices:
Aberdeen: 7 Queen’s Gardens, Aberdeen, AB15 4YD
Edinburgh: 32 Rutland Square, Edinburgh, EH1 2BW
Kirkcaldy: Carlyle House, Carlyle Road, Kirkcaldy, Fife, KY1 1DB
Lerwick: 4 North Ness Business Park, Lerwick, Shetland Island, ZE1 0LZ
Coverage Area: Scotland
Website: davidadamsongroup.com
Galbraith Office: .
Coverage Area:
Geo Info Rosyth based Geo Info are a land and engineering surveying company. The offer a broad range of surveys including; utility, topographical, measured building, setting out, boundary, rail, and geophysical surveys. Office: Liberty House, 15 Cromarty Campus, Europarc, Rosyth, KY11 2YB.
Coverage area: Unconfirmed, but whole of Scotland coverage is expected.
Website: geo-info.co.uk
Email: contactus@geo-info.co.uk
Telephone: 131 385 7042
Graham Sibbald Office: .
Coverage Area: