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Welcome to Scott's Websites

Notice: Some of the pages here are due a spruce up, which will happen shortly. In the meantime, be aware that some pages may be out of date.

Hello, and welcome to Scott's Websites. If you have ended up here, you will probably be wondering what Scott's Websites are, and how you can access them.

Scott's Websites are a portfolio of 6 specialist websites on topics such as radio, motorsport, and transport. Some take their name from me, the author, who happens to be called Scott (e.g. Scott's Transport Site, in the pattern Scott's ____ Site). Other's such as Radio In Malta, and Digital TV UK have more descriptive names, whilst 'Tynedale' doesn't really have a name yet (although All About Tynedale is a likely choice).

This website (although still under construction) will tell you all about the websites, and how to access them. Also included is the the Terms of Use and other polices that apply to all websites.

Boring But Important Information

Our social media policy explains the standards we uphold on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and can be accessed here. A full terms of use and privacy policy will follow shortly.