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Hello. No prizes for guessing, my name’s Scott. Website design is a long term hobby of mine, and this website allows you to find out about the websites I run. See below for a selection of standalone websites, or use the menu above (device dependent) for additional content sections that don’t quite justify having their own website.

Scott’s Transport Site

Scott’s Transport Site is the longest running website, featuring fleet lists, photos, and other content relating to the world of buses in the UK and Malta.

First launched in 2013, this is the longest running website, and is regarded as the flagship.

All About Tyendale

Inspired by the loss of local radio, All About Tynedale aims to be a one stop shop for local information. including a business directory and events listings.

I say aims for good reason, however, as time constraints and a global pandemic have so far prevented the website from developing as intended.

Radio In Malta

Radio in Malta is aimed at both residents and tourists alike, and provides information on stations, presenters, and transmitters of radio on the Maltese islands.

Unsurprisingly, the website was the result of the author’s holidays in Malta.

All About Digital TV

A website is aimed at those with an interest in TV broadcasts, with information on terrestrial, satellite, and cable transmissions.