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Scott's Website offers 7 websites, covering subjects as diverse a construction, radio, television, transport, motorsport, and local information.

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All About Digital TV

All About Digital TV

The home for everything on digital TV and digital radio in the UK. News and info on terrestrial, satellite, cable, and connected TV platforms. Digital radio, including services broadcast on DAB/DAB+ and TV platforms, also forms part of the site.

All About Tynedale

All About Tynedale

Locally focused website, containing a variety of information on the Tynedale area of Northumberland. Head over there for local info, events, updates, history, businesses, and much more.



North East Bus

North East Bus (Beta)

Currently beta testing, this new site provides an info resource for bus users in North East England.


Radio In Malta

A more recent addition, Radio In Malta launched in 2019, and is aimed at both residents and visitors alike. The website is a growing resource for everything radio on the Maltese islands, including stations, presenters, and transmitters.


Scott's Radio Site

Scott's Radio Site

Originally a UK wide radio website, the original Scott's Radio Site closed in 2020, due to a rapidly shifting radio landscape. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, later in the year the domain and name were re-used for a new site championing the best in community radio. However, the new format proved too time consuming, and the second generation of Scott's Radio Site closed early in January 2022. The twitter and Facebook pages remain active for the time being.




Scott's Transport Site

A leading transport enthusiast website, Scott's Transport Site is home to fleet lists, photo galleries, museum info, and archive data. Focused on buses, but trains and cars also feature at times.



About Us

Although plural in terms of the number of websites, all the websites are in fact operated by an individual, named Scott. Website development is a hobby of his. Many are created from scratch, using self taught skills in html and css, whilst others are created using the Wordpress content management platform.

Many of the websites are developed after identifying a gap in available information, whilst others stem from being un-satisfied with existing available websites.

Privacy, Terms of Use, and Cookies

Most websites in the portfolio have until now operated their own separate policies and procedures. These are gradually being replaced with a common set of policies which will operate across all websites in the portfolio. By browsing any of the websites you agree to be bound by these policies, which may be updated without prior notice.

Contact Me

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Press Releases

Major developments may see a bespoke press release issued, usually reserved for major changes in content or major technical updates.

Advertising Opportunities

These websites are currently privately funded, but plans are being put in place to adopt an advert supported service for some websites. More will be published shortly.


All websites are copyright, credited to the name of the website and Scott's Websites. Most copyright material is owned by the author, unless otherwise indicated.

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