Terms of Use

Updated: 16/01/2023

By browsing this, or any Scott’s Websites website, you agree to these terms. Individual websites may also operated with additional terms and conditions over and above those set out below.

These may be updated at any time, and without notice.

All content is protected by copyright. The copyright may be owned either by the individual who operates the websites, or by another party who has licensed/permitted Scott’s Websites to use their content. Unless otherwise stated, the copyright is credited to the individual website and Scott’s Websites, to protect the authors privacy.

This website is licensed for personal, non-commercial use only. All other uses are prohibited, including for for educational purposes, even where a license to use copyright material exists.

You must not publish (or copy and paste) any content elsewhere, either physically or digitally. Should you wish to re-use any material, please contact me (using the details on the homepage). Permission to re-use may then be granted at the authors discretion.

Social Media

Updated: 18/01/2020

Like many websites, business, and organisations, Scott’s Website does use social media from time to time. If you communicate with any Scott’s Websites website, you agree to the below terms, in addition to those set out by the social media platform.

Social Media Accounts Currently Operated

All About Tynedale and Scott’s Transport Site both have active Facebook pages. The use of twitter has been discontinued.

Unacceptable Conduct

The following conduct is against our rules:

Abusive comments, trolling, and any form or targeted abuse/bullying.

Unnecessary, unfounded and insulting accusations, including but not limited to accusations of an individual not knowing ‘basic’ facts.

Untrue facts. Although speculation is acceptable, please ensure that opinions and speculation are clearly identifiable. If you have spotted an error, please in the first instance inform the individual, and do not launch into insults.

Opinions of Scott’s Websites and its Authors

The authors of Scott’s Websites reserved the right to voice their opinions via social media, either through their individual accounts, or through official accounts for any of the websites. These opinions may or may not reflect the opinion of the website itself.

Action We May Take

If you contravene any of the above rules, we reserve the right to take an necessary action. This includes blocking or muting individuals accounts, and reporting to relevant authorities. In extreme cases, we may seek to raise a complaint with your employer.

The authors reserve the right to anonymously highlight blatant breaches of the social media policy, and use ‘fire with fire’ tactics in order to ensure compliance.