Scott’s Motorsport Site was a website that developed from Scott’s love of all things motorsport. The website initially focused on race results and standings, before expanding to feature an events calendar, and team and driver profiles.

Most recent Scott’s Motorsport Site logo, used until October 2021.

Sadly, time was not on the authors side, with other commitments taking priority. It was not possible to keep all sections of the website updated, and Scott’s Motorsport Site was wound down in October 2021.

However, all content has been stored on the website server, with some sections re-useable. Therefore, the intention is to slim down the website, and migrate some of the content to a new motorsports section of this website.

Team Profiles

The first section I intend to migrate over is the team profiles section. This will see a variety of biographies of key Motorsport teams appear here, prioritising those active within the BTCC, British GT, and support series.

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