This pagel, when finished tell you more about the websites, why I run them, and what the aims are.

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Current Websites

Radio In Malta

Scott’s Transport Site

Former and Archived Websites

All About Tynedale


Although largely a hobby, the websites I run are still intended to serve a purpose, and as such have aims attached.

The predominant reason for operation the websites is to improve my skills around web design and other associated technical aspects. Over time, I’ve experimented with html and CSS coding, as well as brief forays into PHP and JavaScript, and my skills have improved gradually through time. I’ve also used WordPress software, and continue to develop my knowledge in this area.

For each website, I also set aims. Largely, the content is intended to either fill a gap where information is not readily available, or present the information in a better way. The intention is to avoid unescessary duplication, and avoid ‘stepping on anyone’s toes’, particularly in the transport sector where data is often provided by fellow enthusiasts. However, I don’t have a problem with rolling my sleeves up and competing with others from time to time.