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It’s been a while…

So the last post here was away back in March, and while I’d not forgotten about the blog, updates just never quite happened. Here’s why.

April was a bit of an indisive month. I had a few ideas, but never settled on what the next post should be. Topics ranged from flaws with the Kia, to accident damage repairs, and everything in between. I then decided it made sense just to hang fire and do a proper post instead of a rush job.

Then in May, attention fell away entirely from my websites in general. Having got fed up of renting, attention turned to buying my first house. An offer was accepted on a property, but thanks to issues around solar panels and a highly restrictive solar lease agreement, the purchase fell through.

From there, the property search resumed. An offer was accepted on another property just round the corner from the first, and I completed on this a few weeks back. This house needs a lot of work, and much time has been spent stripping wallpaper, emptying contents from attic and carpet removal. A full rewire is in progress, and a bowing lounge ceiling has been stripped out. Moving in day is in around a fortnight’s time.

Work commitments, car repairs, and other ‘joys of life’ have consumed the rest of my spare time. Website efforts have concentrated on Scott’s Transport Site where time has allowed. A first visit to Donington Park did take place, and I plan to write about this soon.